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Concerns about impacts such as global climate change mean that ensuring the efficient use of energy and resources is paramount.

Toyday Traditional & Classic Toys is commited to reducing the environmental impact by focusing on where our toys are manufactured, ensuring that they are not 'excessively packaged' and by the use of effective recycling.  


Toyday uses recycled materials when packing orders.All boxes that come in to us are either re-used or flattened and recycled. Other packing materials such as bubble wrap, styrofoam chips and plastic bags are all re-used when packing orders to contribute towards a positive environmental impact.

When packing orders we use recycled packaging materials wherever possible.


We use Royal Mails existing delivery infrastructure to distribute 95% of our orders to help save unnecessary mileage. Our own company vehicles are either converted to use LPG (a waste bi-product produced when making petrol) or designed to return the highest MPG in their class.

Paper Free Policy

Embracing modern technology and using bespoke systems to our advantage, there is very little paper in our workplace that needs to be printed out. By choosing paper free alternatives wherever possible, emailing purchase orders and invoices, filing copies digitally and submitting HMRC returns online, there really is very little need for paper. Any paper that we do use, we ensure both sides are used, and as you would expect, all waste paper is recycled, as are any toner and inkjet cartrides.  

Toys Sourced Locally

When sourcing and purchasing our traditional toys, one of the primary influencing factors is where the toys are manufactured, and we try to avoid importing toys from outside Europe and America, and prefer to source toys from as close to home as possible wherever this is practical and therefore reducing the distance traveled and keeping carbon emissions to a minimum. We have many UK suppliers, and even manufacture some of our goods in the UK, and always look into this as a first option when manufacturing new products.

Sustainable Wooden Toys

We supply wooden toys that are made using wood from sustainable forests.

Our Cause range of high quality wooden toys are environmentally friendly wooden toys. They are made from sustainable forests and painted with a safe non toxic paint and varnish.

At least 50% of the profits from Cause childrens toys is invested in building schools in third world countries. These wooden toys help educate children who wouldn't otherwise be able to go to school.

Schools have already been built in Vietnam, Peru, Columbia and two in Mali.  A sixth school is under construction this year. Up to date information can be found at the cause website.

A quote from one of our primary manufacturers

"We live and work in Schleswig-Holstein, the most northerly state in Germany. Every year we plant a new tree for every new born child here.

Last year once again we paid for 25,000 young beech and sycamore trees for a new state forest near Bad Segeberg. They are growing there and forming a small new forest for future generations."

Whoever takes something from the earth, must also give it something back! Our commitment to forestry is long term and will continue, even though attempts have been made recently in politics to privatise the state forests.
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